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December 30, 2005



LOVE LOVE LOVE That swinging one! Its perfect!


Love these but I agree with Kathy - the swing is AMAZING!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I just keep looking at it!

marie cox

the swing shot rocks my world and I love the DOF in #1


Love, love, love these pics! Happy New Year.


Wow! The color is amazing on these! I LOVE the swing photo! Great Job!


i feel so repetitive here...i always say the same thing, but i love your photos! i don't know why you think you need help with color, they are equally as stunning!
i am guilty of over-photographing my little one, too. the older ones get away too fast!


Great pics Jeremi! I love them....Grace is so cute!

I just got a 20D today so now you need to teach me how to use it! I'm so flippin excited but overwhelmed too!


LOVE the swing shot!!!!


Obviously the photos are beautiful - but I want her pants for my dd! How cute are they?

(Aside: since starting to learn this photo-stuff, I find myself shopping with pictures in mind. It is no longer "oh - this would look cute on my dd", but rather "oooohh...this would photograph so well". Strange)

She is a beauty - and I'm with everyone on the swing photo.


OK - you need to add some more pictures - I keep coming here to look and there is nothing new - get on it girl!! LOL - j/k love ya ;)


I love the swing pic. Its fabulous!

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