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November 14, 2005




I really like your photography site, too. I recently found your blog on Soulemama / Bellablue's lists.

Are you using light boxes or a fancy flash...everything is so natural looking as far as light, but I thought I would ask.


She is a sweetie! Congrats on the write up. That makes two featured moms I "know" now on the mom salon, hehe. Your portfolio is wonderful, wow! I would settle for taking photos a quarter as beautiful as yours.


your photos are beautiful (so are your children). They are so lucky to have such gorgeous photos of themselves growing up.


beautiful photos! beautiful baby! i love the way you capture her eyes. they make my heart melt!

Jefra Linn

Boy, this view looks familiar! My girlbaby is just one month older than Emily. I can't tell you how many "big eye" shots we have of her. So darling.

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