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May 29, 2006



These are sooooo Great!!!!

Rachel Absher

Could your family be any cuter!! :)


These are great Jeremi, how are you liking that new camera?


Sorry to leave another comment, I was checking out your photography site and wanted to let you know that I can't read the white on the pink. I see the little hand come up when I move it around but no words. Then when I am in the galleries, I can see the white text but it's so light I can't read it. Maybe my computer is messed up, I dunno???


Great pics!


aww great pics as usual..

Kara Elmore

love love love love love these! Love the one of you! How beautiful! Love the girls - LOVE the skirt and the angle! And cute Luke peeking out the window - so 50's!!!!

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