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February 11, 2009


Keely Brock

Yeah...you are back from the dead or at least have took a quick break from all the painting you have been doing!!! :) I just love what you guys have done in the bathroom. It looks great!


It looks awesome Jeremi! I love the "new" look. It's very classic and modern. I hope you guys don't have any problems selling it.


FINALLY! :) Love the bathroom - your house is beautiful. Lots of luck selling!


hello! glad to see you.
best of luck selling your beautiful home!

Kara Elmore

It IS a great idea to keep progress of the house. We're doing the same thing ... and I wish I would've taken before/after pics. It also would've motivated me to know that it was going to be on the blog. LOVE LOVE LOVE the bath remodel!!!

Lisa W.

It all looks great, Jeremi! Good luck selling!

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