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March 07, 2009


Toni Gonzales

WOW! I can't believe what you guys have done to the house. It looks AMAZING! It doesn't even look like the same house that I was at 5 years ago having playgroup at. NOT EVEN CLOSE! Great job. I hope it sells fast!! FL. is next, right? We're going to San Diego but we just don't know when.


Jeremi it looks AMAZING! I love all of the hardwood floors and your bedroom is very cool. Good luck with selling, I hope it goes fast for you guys!

Sarah Legare

WOW Jeremi!!! It really does look fabulous!!!! Very nice job, but I wouldn't want to leave now!!! I will pass the word along!

Keely Brock

It looks fabulous Jeremi...you guys did such a great job!! Love, love the Alicia Bock prints in your bedroom. I have had my eyes on them for quite sometime now. Good luck with the sale...I am sure it will be a fast one!


it is beautiful. absolutely beautiful.
best of luck selling it. i can only imagine that someone will snatch it up quickly!

Kara Elmore

I LOVE your home - I would buy it in a heart beat! Ours went up and sold in 1 week... so yours will go even faster, I'm sure!!!


Hello! Your bathroom looks AMAZING! We are in the process of remodeling our bathroom, and I was hoping you could tell me the brand/color & where you purchased the marble vanity top with the undermount sink!? I have been looking for a vanity top exactly that color and have had a hard time finding what I want for some reason! I saw your beautiful bathroom and thought, that's exactly what I want! Anyway, if you could please tell me that info (and approximate cost info, if you don't mind), I would REALLY appreciate it! Thanks so much!!!

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